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Warren Family, Indianapolis Family Photographer

I absolutely loved the light and colors from this session. I have to admit that I was kinda jealous that it wasnt my family in the photos. But I had so much fun with these guys. Addison was so talkative and told me all about mickey mouse. He kept trying to lick his parents faces. And he was all around just too cute. Add into that the fact the mom is excpecting another little one makes this one of my favorite sessions from last year.

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untitled-254 copy_WEB
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untitled-342 copy_WEB
untitled-360 copy copy_WEB
untitled-360 copy2_WEB
untitled-377 copy copy_WEB
untitled-382 copy_WEB
untitled-385 copy copy_WEB
untitled-437 copy_WEB
untitled-453 copy copy_WEB
untitled-472 copy copy_WEB
untitled-485 copy_WEB
untitled-520 copy_WEB
untitled-532 copy_WEB
untitled-540 copy_WEB
untitled-542 copy_WEB
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untitled-604 copy_WEB
untitled-610 copy copy_WEB
untitled-619 copy copy_WEB
untitled-660 copy copy_WEB
untitled-671 copy copy_WEB
untitled-678 copy copy_WEB
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