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Newborns 2014, Indianapolis, In Newborn Photographer

Last year was an amazing year of babies. And I loved every second of it. If it were up to me, that would be all I do. Its definitely where my heart lies. I love the freedom they give me with my creativity. They go to sleep and then I get to play. So very different than chasing a toddler for a regular session. I’m so humbled to be a part of welcoming new life into the world. In my old job I had to take care of sick and dying babies. I know how precious life is. And being on this side of things is so life changing for me, and makes my soul happy. I love chatting with the new moms and giving motherly advice. Since I feel like I never get a chance to share enough on FB, I thought I would share some more from all my newborn sessions from 2014. Get ready for baby fever!

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untitled-173 copy_WEB
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untitled-439 copy2_WEB
untitled-73 copy_WEB
untitled-86 copy_WEB
untitled-253 copy_WEB
untitled-279 copy_WEB
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untitled-375 copy copy_WEB
untitled-379 copy copy_WEB
untitled-430 copy_WEB
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untitled-85 copy_WEB
untitled-107 copy_WEB
untitled-132 copy_WEB
untitled-144 copy_WEB
untitled-189 copy_WEB
untitled-391 copy_WEB
untitled-434 copy_WEB
untitled-6 copy_WEB
untitled-42 copy_WEB
untitled-85 copy_WEB
untitled-148 copy_WEB
untitled-153 copy_WEB
untitled-209 copy_WEB
untitled-227 copy2_WEB
untitled-271 copy_WEB
untitled-287 copy_WEB
untitled-318 copy_WEB
untitled-170 copy_WEB
untitled-133 copy copy_WEB
untitled-223 copy_WEB
untitled-236 copy_WEB
untitled-258 copy_WEB
untitled-151 copy copy_WEB
untitled-271 copy3_WEB
untitled-313 copy copy_WEB
untitled-328 copy copy_WEB
untitled-368 copy copy_WEB
untitled-388 copy_WEB
untitled-405 copy_WEB
untitled-486 copy_WEB
untitled-537 copy_WEB
untitled-540 copy_WEB
untitled-610 copy_WEB
untitled-639 copy_WEB
untitled-594 copy_WEB
untitled-175 copy_WEB
untitled-303 copy_WEB
untitled-390 copy_WEB
untitled-543 copy_WEB
untitled-157 copy copy_WEB
untitled-180 copy_WEB
untitled-196 copy copy_WEB
untitled-204 copy_WEB
untitled-222 copy_WEB
untitled-362 copy copy_WEB
untitled-338 copy_WEB
untitled-402 copy2_WEB
untitled-409 copy2_WEB
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untitled-176 copy_WEB
untitled-196 copy_WEB
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untitled-250 copy_WEB
untitled-273 copy_WEB
untitled-325 copy3_WEB
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untitled-396 copy copy_WEB
untitled-505 copy_WEB
untitled-556 copy copy_WEB
untitled-120 copy copy_WEB
untitled-242 copy_WEB
untitled-258 copy_WEB
untitled-288 copy_WEB
untitled-293 copy_WEB
untitled-316 copy3_WEB
untitled-335 copy_WEB
untitled-349 copy_WEB
untitled-365 copy_WEB
untitled-429 copy_WEB
untitled-456 copy_WEB
untitled-516 copy_WEB
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