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Gracie’s Birth Story, Indianapolis Birth Photographer

I met this family two years ago when I got to photograph the birth of their middle child, Brooks. Its such an honor to capture another birth for this family. They are seriously the sweetest family. After two boys they welcomed a precious baby girl, Gracie, born Jan 7th, 2016. I see myself and my family when I look at them because I have two boys and then a girl. Seems like a perfect family in my eyes. They are so blessed. I always feel so bonded to these babies. I feel blessed to be a part of welcoming them into this world. And I know how important these photos are to this family, especially momma. I cant wait for her to see them all. And I cant wait to watch this precious little one grow. She is so loved already!

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untitled-46 copy copy_WEB
untitled-79 copy_WEB
untitled-69 copy copy_WEB
untitled-99 copy_WEB
untitled-136 copy_WEB
untitled-144 copy copy_WEB
untitled-180 copy_WEB
untitled-186 copy copy_WEB
untitled-180 copy_WEB
untitled-208 copy_WEB
untitled-234 copy_WEB
untitled-257 copy_WEB
untitled-297 copy_WEB
untitled-302 copy_WEB
untitled-316 copy_WEB
untitled-325 copy_WEB
untitled-335 copy_WEB
untitled-343 copy_WEB
untitled-353 copy_WEB
untitled-413 copy_WEB
untitled-417 copy_WEB
untitled-422 copy_WEB
untitled-425 copy copy_WEB
untitled-457 copy_WEB
untitled-447 copy copy_WEB
untitled-465 copy_WEB
untitled-514 copy_WEB
untitled-526 copy_WEB
untitled-536 copy copy_WEB
untitled-548 copy_WEB
untitled-572 copy_WEB
untitled-603 copy_WEB
untitled-604 copy_WEB
untitled-615 copy_WEB
untitled-620 copy_WEB
untitled-653 copy_WEB
untitled-696 copy copy_WEB
untitled-700 copy_WEB
untitled-712 copy copy_WEB
untitled-718 copy_WEB
untitled-743 copy_WEB
untitled-764 copy_WEB
untitled-766 copy_WEB
untitled-788 copy_WEB
untitled-819 copy_WEB
untitled-821 copy copy_WEB
untitled-842 copy copy_WEB
untitled-847 copy_WEB

untitled-866 copy_WEB
untitled-860 copy_WEB

untitled-878 copy_WEB
untitled-882 copy_WEB
untitled-887 copy copy_WEB
untitled-893 copy_WEB
untitled-902 copy copy_WEB
untitled-908 copy_WEB

Welcome to the world Gracie Mae Gurevitz!

untitled-796 copy_WEB

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